Wireless Security

Biometric fingerprint/Digital door locks are technologically advanced locks that allow you to use mutiple methods to enter your home. The entry methods include biometric fingerprint lock reader, swipe cards, pin codes, bluetooth or ZWave and back up keys.

Digital door locks can be installed in all entry points to your home, replacing traditional locks completely. This distinctive method of home security offers a multitude of advantages to any homeowner.

Here our fingerprint door lock system professionals share 5 advantages of biometric security devices:

  1. No keys, no worries: Once installed, homeowners appreciate the fact they will never need to need to use keys again. No longer will you be locked out of your home or need to worry about lost keys, all you need is your fingerprint!
  2. No need to manually lock your doors: With keyless door locks, you can be rest assured that your home is always secure, since biometric fingerprint doors lock automatically when closed, requiring a fingerprint scan to be re-opened. There will no longer be issues with someone forgetting to lock the door, or the worry of intruders.
  3. Multiple user access: The best fingerprint door locks in Australia can also be programmed for multiple users, so trusted friends and other family members can enter your home without a problem.
  4. Simple to use: Biometric door locks can be programmed easily and operated by individuals, both inside and outside of the home, as long as their biometric data has been programmed into the system.
  5. Quick to Install: Fingerprint door lock systems are quick to install and they can be easily integrated into almost any type of door. Adding fingerprints to the database is also a very simple process.

As our experts in digital doors locks in Australia explain, these are only a few of the top benefits that homeowners can obtain, upon installing biometric door locks. It’s easy to see why so many individuals are beginning to use smart door locks!

Z-Wave is the leading selling technology of choice throughout the residential and light commercial automation, and assisting living markets of America and Europe.

With Z-Wave, a single protocol can monitor and control all the most important subsystems in the home or office including Climate, Lighting, Access, Services, Energy Management, Audiovisual and Security.

Z-Wave creates the ultimate home living experience, giving you all the features of the smart home revolution. Z -wave can be easily and affordably installed, in any sized residence or light commercial application. All of our door locks work seamlessly with Z- wave technology.

To learn more about smart lock installation in Perth and for peace of mind with your wireless home security, contact the team at Taurus Property today.

KEYless Entry - Wireless security

Find out more about Keyless Entry Systems.

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